Distraction From Fear, Functioning Can Result.

What brought you to the First Coast? I was invited from New York to start the LASIK department at the University of Florida, after which I started the Gulani Vision Institute to realize my dream for providing a world-class service in a compassionate setting by performing advanced innovative laser surgeries with a very personalized patient care high-tech, high touch in addition to teaching visiting surgeons at my institute and providing my unbiased leadership to the eye care industry worldwide. I am blessed to have achieved that dream and continue to raise the bar in my profession so patients can aspire for custom-designed surgeries instead of routine procedures and every surgeon gets inspired to seek vision beyond 20/20 What brings patients from around the globe to Jacksonville to have you correct their vision? Since we provide the full spectrum of laser vision corrective surgeries, there are three kinds of patients who seek my services: Those who seek the highest level of vision and dont want to settle for routine LASIK or cataract surgery; patients who have had complications from LASIK or cataract surgery with their surgeons or have had previous radial keratotomy (RK) surgery or side effects of eye surgery and seek to correct their vision; and those who have been told they are not a candidate for surgery due to their complex nature, high astigmatism, keratoconus, thin corneas or dry eyes. Basically, I have set up my institute and work exactly how I would like to be treated myself. Hence, no patient waits at our institute; no one is rushed. I personally see every patient before, during and after surgery. There is no hype or deals and we dont like to advertise. And yet with this simple model, we have made the world fly to us.

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